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Are you ready to become a better letterer?

Learn the art of lettering comics using Adobe Photoshop

Over 40 video tutorials and more than 3 hours of handy tips, tricks and advice on how to letter comics and graphic novels, covering the technical aspect of Photoshop and lettering theory so you can letter like a professional.


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A well lettered comic can make all the difference between having a successful comic or a comic that no one reads!

Are you looking to improve your comic's quality without the need to learn Adobe Illustrator? This course will give you all the skills to letter your comics in Photoshop, raising your comic from amateur level to pro-creator status.

Here's What's Covered Inside The Course

Module 1


(3 Lessons)
In this introduction to the course we cover the purpose of YOUR lettering journey as well as a letterer's role within the comic creation process.
Module 2
Photoshop Basics
(4 Lessons)
We take a first look at Photoshop to gain a better understanding of the program and touch on a few of the basic features you will use throughout the course.
Module 3
Page Setup
(3 Lessons)
Diving in to the nitty gritty you'll learn how to set up your page ready to letter as well as how to prepare a script and how to choose suitable fonts.
Module 4

Managing Text

(4 Lessons)
Learn to arrange text in accurate shapes, choose the correct font size and line height, and understand how to use emphasis as a means of communicating meaning.
Module 5
Mastering Word Balloons
(6 Lessons)
How to create great looking balloons, tails and connectors. Learn the technique of butting balloons to borders and how to layer balloons to improve readability.
Module 6
Unusual Word Balloons
(8 Lessons)
A series of short tutorials covering various balloon styles such as, radio, thought, whisper, telepathic and more...
Module 7

Advanced Tails

(4 Lessons)
Getting freaky with zig-zags, elbows, squinks, and off-panel dialogue.
Module 8
Caption Boxes
(3 Lessons)
A look at creating captions boxes and styling them for extra effect.
Module 9
Sound Effects (SFX)
(4 Lessons)
From creating basic sound effects to warping text and colouring your SFX to match a comic style.
Module 10

Mistakes to Avoid

(3 Lessons)
Make sure your lettering doesn't let you down by avoiding the common mistakes of an amateur letterer.
Module 11
Final Output
(2 Lessons)
Exporting your images from Photoshop for print or web usage and creating PDFs using Adobe Indesign.
With more modules being added to improve the course.
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  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Over 40 video tutorials
  • Useful links, templates and tip sheets
  • ​Support from the course creator to answer any lettering questions
"Very clear and easy to follow."
- Davis R. California
"Great tutorials that explain all the processes you need to know."
- Dean F. UK

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