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Comic book lettering service. Because letterers make it betterers!
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Elevate your comic project to a new level of professionalism!

comic book lettering service

-- Quality lettering will help your comic to SELL! --

Elevate your comic project to a new level of professionalism!

It's no secret that a badly lettered comic can have a negative effect on how your entire comic is perceived, which in turn can damage sales and your chance of success.

I can letter your comic to give it the best chance of publishers picking up your comic. If you need a comic book letterer, click the button below.

How does it work?

The Process

Lettering usually comes last in the comic book production process, though this is not always the case. Whatever stage you're at I can advise a suitable approach to helping you see your comic to completion.

After an initial discussion, we can reach an understanding of your project's goals, the style of your comic, the type of lettering you require for your project and a deadline date.

If you're happy to move forward then you would supply me with the pages you need lettering. I would letter a few pages to make sure we're on the same wave length.  If the work I've produced works for you I would letter the rest of the comic, supplying you with completed batches for your approval.

First Steps

It's important that you 'gel' with your chosen letterer. If you're paying for a service you want to be sure the person supplying it is professional and reliable and well as courteous and approachable. A good letterer will also want to know details of your project as well as your expectations.

To start the ball rolling all you have to do is click the button below and I'll get back to you to discuss what you want and how I can help you achieve it.

Included Extras

As well as an awesome lettering job you'll get these added freebies.


You'll need to promote your comic in order to achieve maximum interest in your comic - which can lead to more sales!

As part of my lettering service you also get 5 FREE COMIC PROMO SHOTS of how your comic will look when complete. You can use these in your marketing material and they look really professional.

comic book cover promos


When your comic is finally complete and it's time to send it to print you want to make sure there are no errors that could result in a badly printed comic, not after all the hard work you've put it.

I can ensure your comic book meets all your printers requirements with this PRE-PRINT SERVICE.

comic pre-print service


Lets break it all down

Here's what you'll be getting.

  • Professionally lettered comic pages to raise your comic book to the highest standard
  • 2 free minor revision sessions for each page (subsequent revisions at $5 per page)
  • ​5 comic promo shots to help promote your comic
  • ​Pre-print service to make sure your comic is created to fit your printer's specifications
  • ​Full ownership of all completed pages in editable format (.ai Illustrator files)

All this for only $20 per page

About Tim West

Tim has been creating comics for over 15 years, writing, editing, lettering and promoting a huge number of indie comics.

He is also a professional graphic designer with with over 20 years experience.

If you're interested in learning more about comic book lettering please check out my Youtube channel.

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